Draft Conservation Targets

Agency Name datacards

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Original Conservation Standard
Draft Adjusted Conservation Standard
Adelanto City of20%16%
Alameda County Water District16%16%
Alco Water Service24%24%
Alhambra City of24%24%
Amador Water Agency24%21%
American Canyon, City of20%16%
Anaheim City of20%20%
Anderson, City of36%33%
Antioch City of28%28%
Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company28%24%
Arcadia City of36%36%
Arcata City of4%4%
Arroyo Grande City of28%28%
Arvin Community Services District28%21%
Atascadero Mutual Water Company28%28%
Atwater City of36%33%
Azusa City of20%20%
Bakersfield City of36%33%
Bakman Water Company36%34%
Banning City of32%28%
Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District36%36%
Bella Vista Water District36%33%
Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Water Company20%20%
Benicia City of20%20%
Beverly Hills City of32%32%
Big Bear Community Services District16%13%
Blythe City of32%28%
Brawley City of32%24%
Brea City of24%24%
Brentwood City of32%29%
Buena Park City of20%20%
Burbank City of24%24%
Burlingame City of16%16%
Calaveras County Water District16%13%
Calexico City of20%16%
California City City of 36% 2836%28%
California Water Service Company Antelope Valley36%33%
California Water Service Company Bakersfield32%29%
California Water Service Company Bear Gulch36%36%
California Water Service Company Chico District32%30%
California Water Service Company Dixon, City of28%25%
California Water Service Company Dominguez16%16%
California Water Service Company East Los Angeles8%8%
California Water Service Company Hermosa/Redondo20%20%
California Water Service Company Kern River Valley28%25%
California Water Service Company King City12%10%
California Water Service Company Livermore24%21%
California Water Service Company Los Altos/Suburban32%32%
California Water Service Company Marysville24%21%
California Water Service Company Mid Peninsula16%16%
California Water Service Company Oroville28%26%
California Water Service Company Palos Verdes36%36%
California Water Service Company Redwood Valley16%16%
California Water Service Company Salinas District16%16%
California Water Service Company Selma32%30%
California Water Service Company South San Francisco8%8%
California Water Service Company Stockton20%18%
California Water Service Company Visalia32%30%
California Water Service Company Westlake36%36%
California Water Service Company Willows28%26%
California-American Water Company Los Angeles District28%28%
California-American Water Company Monterey District8%8%
California-American Water Company Sacramento District20%17%
California-American Water Company San Diego District8%8%
California-American Water Ventura District32%32%
Camarillo City of20%20%
Cambria Community Services District8%8%
Camrosa Water District32%32%
Carlsbad Municipal Water District28%28%
Carmichael Water District36%33%
Carpinteria Valley Water District20%20%
Casitas Municipal Water District32%32%
Castaic Lake Water Agency Santa Clarita Water Division32%29%
Ceres City of28%26%
Cerritos City of28%28%
Chino City of24%24%
Chino Hills City28%28%
Citrus Heights Water District32%29%
City of Big Bear Lake, Dept of Water & Power16%13%
City of Newman Water Department24%21%
Clovis City of36%34%
Coachella City of24%20%
Coachella Valley Water District36%32%
Coalinga City of32%30%
Coastside County Water District8%8%
Colton, City of20%20%
Compton City of8%8%
Contra Costa Water District28%25%
Corcoran, City of36%24%
Corona City of28%36%
Covina City of28%28%
Crescent City City of16%16%
Crescenta Valley Water District20%20%
Crestline Village Water District8%8%
Cucamonga Valley Water District32%32%
Daly City City of85%
Davis City of28%25%
Del Oro Water Company24%21%
Delano City of24%21%
Desert Water Agency36%32%
Diablo Water District28%25%
Dinuba City of32%30%
Discovery Bay Community Services District32%29%
Downey City of20%20%
East Bay Municipal Utilities16%16%
East Niles Community Service District36%33%
East Orange County Water District36%36%
East Palo Alto, City of8%8%
East Valley Water District28%28%
Eastern Municipal Water District28%28%
El Centro City of24%20%
El Dorado Irrigation District28%25%
El Monte City of85%
El Segundo City of20%20%
El Toro Water District24%24%
Elk Grove Water Service28%25%
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District28%28%
Escondido City of20%20%
Estero Municipal Improvement District12%12%
Eureka City of4%4%
Exeter City of36%34%
Fair Oaks Water District36%33%
Fairfield City of20%20%
Fallbrook Public Utility District36%36%
Fillmore City of28%28%
Folsom City of32%29%
Fortuna City of24%20%
Fountain Valley City of20%20%
Fresno City of28%26%
Fruitridge Vista Water Company36%33%
Fullerton City of28%28%
Galt City of32%29%
Garden Grove City of20%20%
Georgetown Divide Public Utilities District32%29%
Gilroy City of24%24%
Glendale City of20%20%
Glendora City of36%36%
Golden State Water Company Artesia16%16%
Golden State Water Company Barstow24%20%
Golden State Water Company Bell-Bell Gardens8%8%
Golden State Water Company Claremont32%32%
Golden State Water Company Cordova36%33%
Golden State Water Company Cowan Heights36%36%
Golden State Water Company Culver City16%16%
Golden State Water Company Florence Graham8%8%
Golden State Water Company Norwalk12%12%
Golden State Water Company Orcutt32%32%
Golden State Water Company Placentia24%24%
Golden State Water Company S Arcadia24%24%
Golden State Water Company S San Gabriel12%12%
Golden State Water Company San Dimas28%28%
Golden State Water Company Simi Valley24%24%
Golden State Water Company Southwest12%12%
Golden State Water Company West Orange16%16%
Goleta Water District12%12%
Great Oaks Water Company Incorporated20%20%
Greenfield, City of16%14%
Groveland Community Services District24%21%
Grover Beach City of8%8%
Hanford City of28%24%
Hawthorne City of16%16%
Hayward City of8%8%
Healdsburg City of24%24%
Helix Water District20%20%
Hemet City of32%16%
Hesperia Water District City of32%28%
Hi-Desert Water District16%13%
Hillsborough Town of36%36%
Hollister City of20%20%
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District4%4%
Humboldt Community Service District24%12%
Huntington Beach City of20%20%
Huntington Park City of8%8%
Imperial, City of24%20%
Indian Wells Valley Water District36%32%
Indio City of32%28%
Inglewood City of12%12%
Irvine Ranch Water District16%16%
Joshua Basin Water District28%20%
Jurupa Community Service District28%28%
Kerman, City of32%29%
Kingsburg, City of36%34%
La Habra City of Public Works28%28%
La Palma City of20%20%
La Verne City of32%32%
Laguna Beach County Water District24%24%
Lake Arrowhead Community Services District16%13%
Lake Hemet Municipal Water District28%28%
Lakeside Water District20%20%
Lakewood City of20%20%
Lamont Public Utility District28%25%
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District36%36%
Lathrop, City of20%18%
lden State Water Company Bay Point12%12%
Lee Lake Water District32%32%
Lemoore City of32%28%
Lincoln Avenue Water Company28%28%
Lincoln City of32%29%
Linda County Water District32%29%
Livermore City of Division of Water Resources20%17%

Agency Name datacards

Original Conservation Standard and Draft Adjusted Conservation Standard of Agency Name datacards

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